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Our mission
Lowest Fares

Welcome to the world of CP Travel, where our commitment to first-class service and the needs of our customers are our primary concern.

CP Travel has grown into a full service agency with offices in Florida and Georgia allowing us to better understand different travel markets and ultimately provide our customers with the most complete and professional service possible.

Additionally, as a high volume network, CP Travel can offer very attractive benefits to customers as well as vendors. The large volume generated annually is an appealing incentive to all CP Travel vendors while our customers enjoy special discounts and affordable travel packages, year-round.

Our success story is well documented. CP Travel has made the commitment in the past and continues that commitment to ensure the future ... a sound future which includes our network's growth and expansion.

Finally, whether it's across America or around the world, we wil continue working hard to provide each and every client with the kind of service that has made CP TRAVEL

"America's First-Class Choice for Worldwide Travel".

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